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Project Highlight

New Fair Food – Chocolate Covered Cranberries on a Stick

Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Associations
The Wisconsin State Cranberry Growers Association teamed with Zeppos & Associates to create and promote a new product for the 2011 Wisconsin State Fair. Zeppos & Associates led the development, announcement and promotion of Chocolate Covered Cranberries on a Stick — sweetened dried cranberries covered in dark chocolate and drizzled with white chocolate on a stick. The product featured Wisconsin-grown cranberries and the craftsmanship of a local confectioner.

This one-of-a-kind product was marketed through traditional and social media, as well as limited advertising that produced results far exceeding expectations. In an effort to generate pre-Fair buzz, Zeppos & Associates created YouTube videos and shared photos of the exclusive product through various social media platforms. Media relations, signage, advertising and social media outreach for the cranberry treat continued during the Fair’s 14-day run.

The promotion of the product earned a front-page story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel and garnered attention from Wisconsin’s Governor who was photographed enjoying Chocolate Covered Cranberries on a Stick and even tweeted about it. The product was featured numerous times on local TV stations and even generated a TV story across state lines. The buzz created such demand that the product sold out on multiple days of the Fair, and total cranberry product sales more than doubled from years past.